Urgent Needs
  • Replacement litter boxes. Replacing old scratched litter boxes helps stop the spread of germs.
Ongoing Needs
  • Kitten Food (dry) - no food dyes if possible
  • Cat Food (dry) - no food dyes if possible
  • Cat Litter - both clumping and non-clumping types are used at the shelter
  • Litter Boxes - dish pans work great
  • Dog Food (dry) - no food dyes if possible
  • Dog Treats - rawhide bones to help pass the time & soft chewies for training purposes
  • Trash Bags (13, 33, 55 gallon)
  • Old Bath Towels
  • Old Blankets
  • Rugs
  • Dish Washing Sponges
  • Paper Towels
  • Rag Mop Heads & Floor Cleaner - both of these items can be purchased at Janitor's Closet as these are special types of items and they know which kinds we use.
Special Needs
  • Office Supplies - copy paper,
  • Printer ink HP 934 & 935  (all colors)
  • Printer ink Ebson 200 (all colors)
  • Printer toner for a Dell B1265 Lasor
Special Donations
The shelter accepts donations of campers, trailers, ATVs, and more. All donations to the shelter are tax deductible.

Shelter Needs

Help Support Us Today!

Donation Drop-Off

Contributions for the animal shelter can be dropped off at the shelter anytime day or night! There is a tan bin located in the front of the shelter, next to the entrance, where you can place your donated goods.

Aluminum Cans
Bags of aluminum cans for recycling can be left at the shelter next to the donation bin, or if you need a pick-up, just give us a call 906-864-PAWS and we will send somebody out to get them.

Pre-made Supply Bags
Bags filled with shelter supplies are available at Jack's Fresh Market. Just pick one up, take it to the checkout, and pay for it.

Shelter volunteers will pick up the bags and bring them to the shelter.

Menominee Animal Shelter, Inc. / Menominee, MI / 906-864-PAWS (7297)