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Interact with the Cats and/or Dogs! As the weather gets colder, the dogs and cats would enjoy it if people would come out to brush and play with them. Just sitting in our back room on the couch and reading a book with a cat or dog by you is just great for the animals and the person too!
Paws For Pets Program
Visit local health center and nursing homes once a month with animals form the shelter. You'll enjoy watching all of the smiles the pets bring!
Adopt a Room, Cleaning
Helping with cleaning kennels or cat rooms is a great form of exercise. Consider adopting a room to claim as your pet project. Or, come in once or twice a week to wash behind, under and on top of the kennels. Cleaning the ceiling fan and the storage cabinet in that room. We'll clean inside the kennel, you clean the rest of the room.
Trim nails, brush out the coat, give a bath, clean the ears! Take your pick, dogs or cats. We'll supply the animal, supplies and some training. You get to have Fun and do the rest!
Fund Raising
Helping to arrange or work at one of the various fun raisers the shelter sponsors can also be a big help. Pick and choose what best suits your time and talent from our list of events. Let us know you can help!
Foster Homes
Would you be willing to give a pet or two from the shelter a temporary home? Foster homes are used for a few different purposes. Sometimes we have a pet that has a medical problem which needs extra attention, or they may have a behavior issue such as food aggression or they may need work with house breaking. We may have a pregnant or nursing cat or dog that needs a place to hang out and grow their pups/kittens a bit before going up for adoption. We may have kittens or puppies that are without a mom, but too young to be adopted yet. They need a home to grow up in for a bit before coming to the shelter.

Volunteer Coordinator Needed
We are in need of a volunteer, someone who can assist with setting up a procedure manual for the volunteer positions, assist with training, and just making these positions run smoothly. No prior experience needed, but some leadership abilities would be helpful.

Volunteer Today!
906-864-PAWS /  volunteer@mashelter.org

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